Z'bri In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Prophecy of Joshua

The Prophecy of Joshua

As recounted by Veruka the Wraith, Outcast and Fallen

Listen to the words the Ravager, Joshua, spoke as He bled into the soild of Vimary. Wounded and dying, His mighty heart growing cold, He was granted clarity that comes only with death. His words speak of our future, our destiny and our folly. They will come to pass.

At first, Joshua’s voice was still strong. He saw images of vengeance and exclaimed: “My killers will be brought to task! Decapitated, sacrificed, transformed and destroyed!”

Then His mighty voice falteredas he saw the future. He whispered: "My vengeance and salvation will come from the wretches. My tribe, the Eighth, will come from the outcasts. They will be dirty, alone and powerful, tied to the Goddess as only they can be. They will be spat upon and tricked, tried and killed. But they shall be the future.

“They will be sorely tested. By their enemies and allies. They will free the dagger that killed me and guide it to cut through the land like fire. Blood will cover their homes and they will emerge strong and feared. In the second city, they will find failure in success, hubris in pride, and distraction in victory.

“They will be blind until I come to tell them truth. They will fear the wrath of wisdom and learn the wisdom of wrath. They will see the young grow and know their destiny.

“They will live in dreams and see ghosts die. They will find the barrier to truth and heal it with a wound.

“In the third city, they will battle what is foretold and forge what must be. They will create freedom for all, but it will be born of blood and sacrifice.”

In His last gasp, he saw pain and cried: “Blood and sacrifice!”

In with the new

_I invited our new cell member Lan to my hut. He was eager to seek out the Jackers, revenge was still fresh in his eyes. After we broke our fast, the rest of us went hunting. We would need much more food and supplies for our new cell mates. It has been a long time since I have interacted with so many others. Vicks has been my only companion since my banishment. The hunt was most fruitful. We took down a large bear. Its fur and meat will serve us well. We talk of making a common hut, before I become any more attached to these new members, I must Dream. Death looms heavy on my mind and the wind whispers of more to come…


Strange Visions

Strange visions brought Cale to Jorwan, Vicks and I. His sister had seen people important to us in danger. Kale lead us into the Vimary and to a cart full of new Fallen off to be executed. The cart was driven by Joanites and more on horses escorted them. Vicks, ever the believer in his own charm and wit, offered to take the Fallen off their hands. The Joanites scoffed and then Vicks challeneged the leader to single combat and won, which in turned caused the rest of the Joanites to fall upon him. We slew half their number and the survivors yielded. We freed the Fallen and among them was a massive Joanite named Lan and a young boy who was the ward of Jorwan. Our meager cell has almost doubled.


From the Legend of Lan the Watcher, Fallen Joanite:

From the Legend of Lan the Watcher, Fallen Joanite:

It was a regular night on the Watch; the moon shone through a thin covering of clouds and a light breeze carried a sense of anticipation. Lan Avakin Mara’on stood perched atop his guard tower on the Seven Fingers like a hawk, watching out over the horizon towards the Z’bri lands. An ancestral headband held his brown hair back to reveal a hard face that had seen a life of much hardship and heartache, and his fingers stroked the pendant around his neck belonging to his love; a love long lost; a love that can never be again. Had Lan not volunteered to serve in the Watch during this patrol he would have been hand-picked, for he was one of the best Joanite Watchers due to his keen eye and skill with the sword. Indeed, Lan had proven his worth on more than one occasion with his ability to spot a Z’bri raiding party at over a thousand paces. Tonight he would have to be as vigilant as ever, for there had been many raids recently, much more than usual, and all had mysteriously been able to slip by the Watch’s gaze. If not for Watch Captain Eamon Valda’on’s uncanny ability to appear in the nick of time and stop the beasts, many inexcusable tragedies would befall the people of the seven tribes. Not including the guards on duty getting an earful from the Watch Captain, whose temper has rumored to have worsened since Thom Mary’on was promoted to Templar instead of he. Wishing not to be berated tonight, Lan pushed those thoughts out of his mind and refocused his stern gaze into the darkness.

As the moon rose to nearly its zenith in the night sky, Lan saw a lone solitary figure creeping along the base of the tower adjacent to him — almost impossible to see by any ordinary man. The outline and mannerisms of the body suggested it to be that of Pippin Ariel’on, another Watcher on duty. “What is Pippin doing away from his post?” Lan wondered. “Could he be the cause of the Z’bri raids?” The thought of a fellow Blade of Joan consorting with those evil beings made Lan shudder. He decided to head down and follow Pippin to see what he could discover.

After descending the last few steps of the tower, Lan stood in the shadows of the stairway entrance and peered along the wall constructed of metal, wood, and ancient machines from before the End. A few seconds later he saw movement in the shadows of the makeshift wall and caught a glimpse of the almost boyish face and blonde shoulder-length hair of Pippin. Lan sneaked along the edge of the wall, not making a sound, until he reached Pippin who was finishing up removing material from a decent sized gap in the wall. Pippin was too caught up in his work and oblivious to the fact that Lan was now standing beside him.

“I did not know the wall needed mending Pippin.” Lan said, crossing his arms.

Taken aback, Pippin jumped with a start and dropped a wooden plank he was holding, which made a clutter as it bounced on the ground and finally laid still, “Uh Lan, umm … It-It’s not what it looks like.”

“It looks like I’ve found the source of the Z’bri raids. Eamon will not be happy to hear of this.” Lan replied. He stepped forward to further intimidate the younger and smaller man.

Pippin was rubbing his hands together, “B-But I was directed by Eamon to open a hole. H-He said it was for a special envoy, I swear!” he stammered as sweat dripped from his forehead.

As Lan was digesting this information he heard the clambering of movement from the recently created opening in the wall followed by the snorts and snarls that were unmistakable to anyone who had heard them before. “Z’bri!” Lan shouted as he drew his long sword from his scabbard. As his blade gleamed in the moonlight, a hideous monstrous face, not quite animal, not quite human, poked its head out of the hole, followed by an even more monstrous body. Lan would consider himself fairly large for a human, standing at about 6’3" and weighing about 210 pounds, but this beast stood a good head and shoulders taller.

“Oh dear Fatimas! What have I done?!” Pippin cried as he fumbled for his sword.

He would never have a chance as a giant fur-covered hand hammered into him sending the Watcher to his final resting spot twenty yards away. The foul creature then turned towards Lan with a sickly grin revealing razor-like teeth protruding from bleeding, foaming gums. Lan could feel the always present power which felt like a calm, rolling sea in the back of his conscious, and drew upon it to steel his nerves. The small pang of fear was replaced with a feeling of confidence and eagerness, and he raised his sword horizontally towards the beast and shifted into the sword form known as Lilies Over the Waterfall. “My love, Moiraine, may I hope to join you today,” Lan said to the stars, he then shouted at the abomination, “Let’s dance!” and attacked.

To be continued …


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