Z'bri In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Strange Visions

Strange visions brought Cale to Jorwan, Vicks and I. His sister had seen people important to us in danger. Kale lead us into the Vimary and to a cart full of new Fallen off to be executed. The cart was driven by Joanites and more on horses escorted them. Vicks, ever the believer in his own charm and wit, offered to take the Fallen off their hands. The Joanites scoffed and then Vicks challeneged the leader to single combat and won, which in turned caused the rest of the Joanites to fall upon him. We slew half their number and the survivors yielded. We freed the Fallen and among them was a massive Joanite named Lan and a young boy who was the ward of Jorwan. Our meager cell has almost doubled.



vailtaetum vailtaetum

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