Tribe 8 Evan


2 0 2 1 1
0 0 0 1 0
1 1 40 6 22

Injury Score Armor Penalty #
Flesh 20 28 -1
Deep 40 48 -2
Death 80 88 dead
Total 0
Synthesis Skill Rating: 2
Eminences: Life
Aspects: Anemia

Archery 1
Dodge 2
Melee 3
Sneak Y 1
Animal Handling 1
Craft (spec.) 2
Athletics 1
Agriculture 1
Animal Care Y 1
Healing 2
Herbalism 1
Combat Sense 1
Notice 2
Riding 1

Exp Points -3

Battle Axe / -1 /13
Large Sword /-1 /11
Pole Axe /-1 /1 /12
Crossbow 1/ /17 6/12/18/24
large metal shield /-3 /3 5

Studded Leather 8 0 yes 6

“As a child he always had a knack for plants. He could grow crops quite well and it came naturally for him. Maybe that’s why Eva had blessed him, as her power flowed to him and through him the power flowed into the fields. He would grow wheat, barley, grains and corn. That was how he joined close with Eva and the last I saw of him.” Evan (when asked about Jorwan at his banshiment)

“Jorwan, I remember him. He was a curious one. Sometimes I think Eva only saw the young boy that enjoyed his crops. He grow up strong and big for an Evan. Someone would grumble where it came from. It was of no concern of mine. He would rush to the wall with the other healers when attacks came. He would get closer than any other until he was near in the fight itself. Maybe that was why Eva banished him. Then again who knows what those healers think.” -Joanite (Asked about what he knew of Jorwan’s actions)
“I was there for that heretics trail. He would go into the woods there he would do all sorts of unnatural things getting him extra size and strength. I told the others that he was stealing the food from the rest of us to get so large. Then he told Xadter to burn our fields so that he would remain strong and us weak. He always wanted to be a warrior, always running off with the Joanites. He was no friend of evan’s he was a traitor.” Hevatra (After the trail of banishment Jorwan’s nemesis)
“I remember the trail was back and forth until Agnies said that she would banish one of her followers for drinking the liquid he had made and lighting a field on fire with the remaining. I guess it made her uncontrolled. Jorwan took that a bit personal. The trail went fast from there. I have looked after the crops now that Hevatra has moved on and it seems it was true to what Jorwan said none of the plants I’ve seen have changed only the black has left.” Evan (post banishment)

“My banishment was the horror that all fear. I was taken before Eva and my trial commenced. I could not tell you all the charges I don’t remember a lot. The one piece I remember was Xadter; he was an agite. He was curious as all children do, he found his way into my still. He found that the alcohol effected his dreaming and his relationship with his Fatima. Eva might have looked into the black smudge on the trees if it wasn’t for him. But what happened to Xadter was worse and my fault. I was not long before I could hear his screams. From this my conviction came even quicker. Eva took her power from me; I was smothered from higher disciples with injuries. Without power I could not heal, and was weaken I was chained to posts for the wolfs or worse.”


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