A Fallen Yagan Hunter


Agility 2 Influence -1
Appearance -1 Knowledge 1
Build 1 Perception 1
Creativity 0 Psyche 1
Fitness 1 Willpower -1

Strength 1 Health 0 Stamina 30 Unarmed Damage 6 Armed Damage 16

Archery 3 2
Dodge 2
Hand-to-Hand 1+2
Melee 2+2
Sneak 1+2





Banishment: I was once Skarin Morjilnkin Roth’on of Yagan, first born son and the eldest (not to mention the largest) of 7 children to the house Morjiln. I was the youngest Pellis Artisan (skin worker) in our tribe’s history. I was obsessed with the knowledge contained on the dried skins of our ancestors. Due to my large size and skill with a bow, I was also made a hunter to provide animals for substance as well as sacrifice. The skills I learned as a hunter allowed me to provide for my family and clan and afford the largest family amongst the clans with the extra food & skins I provided. Always a provider and helper, I was an odd member of the Yagans. I knew there was also something more for me, but I never dreamed it was banishment. I was also such a faithful practioner of the rites and arts of our tribe. It was my 19th summer when they arrived.
The Crone had told me it was my time to die….her whispers reached my ear before I heard the footsteps of the Old Ones arrive to my family’s door. My family was sadden, but “The Crone knows when it is time”. As they all started to prepare for the rituals, I ask the Old One, why? She told me it was time and that Baga Yagan has foreseen it, it was my fate. Yet, it was not just my fate, it was the fate was my family as well. I provide for them. I had spent my evenings hunting in the local woods, to provide for my family and clan, to keep us strong, and in all my hunts, at no point had a seen any proof of fate. I would visit the Dream River before each hunt and ask the spirits for guidance, to lead me to the creatures whose turn it was to die. Yet, sometimes I missed, sometimes the deer ducked, sometimes I made too much noise and the last time, I came face to face to with a bear. It was not as big as others that I had seen before, but fierce nonetheless. It stood on its hind legs, but it did not charge. I notched my bow and aimed for the heart, its death was in my hands, then I saw the cubs. There were 3 of them, cowering behind their mother. I put my bow down and walked away. There was no fate, death was dealt through chance and luck and sometimes you were luckier than others. I told the Old Ones and my family I wished to dream one last time before I died. They all left me in peace to enter the River. I packed all my belongings and snuck out the back of the only home I had ever known. I made one stop at the Flesher’s hut. I stole some scrolls on rituals of Death and how to inflict it. I would need it outside the “safety” of the tribe. I walked through the woods until I found Hom. The Fallen were nothing like the elders describe them as. They welcomed me into their community and shared their food and drink with me.
That next night I dreamt and was visited by The Crone herself. I was having my vision quest. I found myself chained to the ground, surrounded by Old Ones and facing Baba Yagan. “There is not escape from your destiny, you cannot run from death”, she said. “Why now? Why can’t I continue to live? I do so much for everyone else and if I die so will others”, I plead. “It is not your place to question me, I have foreseen, just as I have foreseen he death of thousands of your kind”, she replied. “No! I will not accept it. I do not believe in your fate! If I was meant to die, I would not have made it here, I would not have survived the journey, I am no longer under your control!” I screamed. At that moment in the dream, the chains broke and I jumped up, but I did not stop, I just kept sailing up and up into the sky above the Vimary. As I climbed through the cold air, I could you all the different Fatimas, they glowed, no they burned, and like fire, they thirsted for more material to continue their glow. I saw dark figures all being pulled into each one. I realized they were people, people willingly dying, feeding the Fatimas. They needed us, I realized. At that moment, I ceased to go up and began to go down, rapidly. As shot back down to earth, I heard The Crone whisper to me, “You will not like what you find, it is not for you to understand, death………will………..find…………”. I hit the ground and woke up in a cold sweat. I was sitting in the hole I had dug on the outskirts of town and pulled some branches over. I was finally free of the Fatimas. It was on that day I just became Skarin.


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