A fast talking swordsman on a mission.


A young Fallen of 17 summers, who is becoming quite renowned for his raw talent with a sword, but even more renowned by the fact that every group he joins up with seems to get butchered with Vicks being the only survivor. A very likable and personable person, he has been very successful with convincing young men and women on his foolish crusades against the Z’bri, which ultimately lead to their deaths and in some cases, much, much worse. Now having returned to Hom after his most recent venture into the wastelands he finds himself unable to put together a raid with no one wanting to follow this overzealous and cursed crusader.

Tribals find him quite peculiar in the sense that he has no visible scars and no ritual tattoos. He looks more like an unenlightened squat than one of the chosen. And he commonly is mistaken for a squat for that fact.


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